In the name of Love

I am what the society calls a freak,
I hated who I was,
The hatred and name calling made me distance myself from me and see myself as “Freak”.

Years later, I met the light that changed my life, She walked into my darkness with a torch, she lit my sadness with a thought.
She taught me to embrace myself because she loved me for who I really was,
She endured my lowest point, my darkest side;
She brought me back to life.
There came a day in my life, she turned off that light.
I turned from a freak to a monster, I broke everything that meant to me.
They say your past reflects into the future, I didn’t believe in that, till the day she left me because she was scared of who I really was.
I know I did wrong, I know I broke your heart, I know I did it in the name of love.

Its really hurts watching you leave me for a charming prince who swept you off your feet with a promise that melts your heart.

I stay behind watching you fall in love with a man who you barely know, when you take his name, your eyes reflect with the belief he is the man who came down from heavens above to save you from me.
I stay to watch you leave because I know I deserve every part the pain.
In the end,
I was just the monster who blew out the light of your torch in the name of love.

I Left

The darkness of the shadow that fell upon my memory, marked the day a silent death took my soul.

I stood at ease, fell to my knees, to watch you pass through me..
My pride, my ego and the truth, the lies abandoned me through the hell of lonely ways.
Trying to reminisce the love for you, now haunts me of the battle scars that hurts you.
I tried to run, I tried to hide, I tried to bury my soul behind just to hear you say goodbye.
I left it all.
I left with none.
I left on a journey to find me.

Fading Love

What did I do so wrong? That you look at me all wrong…
I walked in, not knowing what I feel, watching you fade into a different real…
Staying in the back and not making eye contact,
watching you cave into the love that is gonna break.
I see what you feel, I need for what you desire… But you dug those feeling so deep that it’s hard to decipher.

I can give all that you need, I can change the way you feel, but I made a promise to watch you heal and to pick you up when you kneel.

Hurting myself in silence is better than watching your tears fall right through me.

Watching You Leave

I have no strings left to hold you back,
I have no promises, no future to call you back.
I gave my all, to watch you leave;
I have done bad, I have done harm,
I know I deserve every bit of the pain, yet I cry to watch you leave..

I pass your heart to someone else with the risk of watching it break and secrecy of owning it.

Have I done any better than the rest?
I broke your heart and I scared your soul,

I don’t deserve to be the one who loves you the most.


You are my destination, you are my journey,
You are my miracle infused in my call for magic;
You make me love your flaws like they are your perfections.
You make my skies look for its horizons in you to lean on to,
Your smile has carved into my heart like a prayer for good will; My bare soul belongs to you as much as it doesn’t belong to me.
Never can our ties be made on earth, but I believe it was made in the sky where the stars shine for us.
I will cherish all your smiles, pain and tears like they are a reward.
My love are the wings I give you to lift you to the open sky above.
You are my destination as much as you are my journey.


Silent as the night turns, the mind dwells into the unknown… venturing through the dark to find the light of the broken..
Looking for the unknown presence creeping through the dark.
To hear the unknown closer than the mind can feel. Anxious as if may seem…

There is someone out there lurking behind you’re open eyes..

I saw the monster under my bed. I looked into its eyes.
I sensed home.
It’s feeding on the sanity.
Bleeding out the insanity.
Yearning; the last bit of the living life.
Pulling you deeper in,
Sucking you into the dark hole of nothingness.

Searching for the reflection in the eyes of the monster.
I saw me.


Monsters reap the dying souls..
To avenge the living dead..

To love or to hate the rotting humanity reflects the reek of the dead..
To inflect the severity of the bleeding wounds that ripe with the cutting words…

The monsters that reap the dying souls wrench through the living beast,
Finding their way to eruption of the broken souls…

To live or to die; we learn to fight the dead and fear the living.